Are you struggling to deliver within your sprints? Make them shorter!

  • Are your working hours not overlapping enough?
  • Are your tasks not clarified on the planning?
  • Are you not committing and merging frequently enough
  • Are you spending to much time in JIRA
  • Are your builds failing often

Preparing the experiment

How short exactly?

“If I am going to start on this task this morning, will it be done at the end of the day tomorrow?”

In the ideal world, the developer’s calendar during the experiment is going to look like this.

How to plan it?

  • limit number of “mini sprints” beforehand
  • plan meetings on fixed times with the stakeholders, so you will have attendance
  • for 2,5 days, 30 minutes planning, 30 mins review and 30 mins retro should suffice
  • don’t plan for formal stand-ups, leave it up to the team to sync the work
  • do not work on anything critical, as the learning is the main goal here

MVP and definition of done

With 2-3 sprints at hand, what are you going to deliver at the end?

Ditch JIRA (or any other digital tool)

Running the experiment

Overall retrospective

Closing the experiment



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