OMG. The boring Backlog refinement meeting. Not again! 🙄

Picture of the iPhone with a calendar app open. A long refinement meeting is on the screen.

Because it’s not a meeting!

  • How do we know it’s done?
  • Do we have everything we need to deliver this?
  • Do we have a general idea on how to tackle this?
  • Do we share understanding about the desired outcome?
  • How long will it take to complete this?
  • Can it be split to smaller chunk while still delivering value?

Refinement is not the estimation!

Refinement is not the place for low-level problem-solving!

Ok, so when do we split the PBI to tasks then?

What to do with all this?

  • have a bored tester on the first day of the sprint? Pair him with somebody to start the refinement process
  • do backlog refinement in pairs or triads
  • have only a sync meeting(s), where these smaller groups present the results



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